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Quality, environment and occupational environment policy

Ltd. "Riga Universal Terminal" is a stevedore service providing company, which ensures operations quality of services and security in according with the legal requirements and other requirements. Terminal concentrates its activities in general cargo and bulk cargo services. Reloading such goods as containers, oversized loads and heavy cargo, frozen food cargos, pulpwood, timber, wood chips, wood pellets, stones, bulk food, etc. cargo. Company operation is based on continuous quality, environmental and occupational environment integrated management system efficiency improvement, exploring and analyzing customer expectations and needs. Carefully assessing suppliers, introducing modern equipment and processes, as well as improving organization of work and promoting training and motivation of employees

Environment policy principles:

  • Identify potential environmental risks and minimize as negative effects on the environment in all business fields;
  • Continuously developing port performance and services provided technology with less consumption of resources and low impact on environment protection, to reduce emission of pollutants in the environment, the effects of environmental changes and amount of waste;
  • Ensuring laws and regulations and other relevant documents of the environmental compliance with protection requirements of Riga Universal Terminal operation;
  • Promote environmentally friendly raw materials and technologies in the port;
  • To take measures to reduce environment pollution:
  • When planning the development of investment projects to evaluate the effects on the environment without harming the environment and the public interest as well as ensuring an environmental impact minimization of planned objects through the construction processes and on closure phases;
  • To ensure employees competence in environmental field, encourage employees environmental awareness in each workplace and inform employees of Riga Universal Terminal about activities significant environmental aspects;
  • Expanding public and port partners' awareness of environmental management policy, aims and objectives as well as the works performed in the field of environmental protection. 

Labour protection policy principles:

  • Fulfill Latvian Republic labour protection law;
  • To develop occupational environment a way that prevent occupational environment risks or reduce unavoidable occupational environment risks;
  • Prevent work environment risks causes;
  • Reducing risk level
  • Developing a coherent and comprehensive system of labor protection measures;
  • To give priority to collective labor protection measures in compliance with individual labor protection measures;
  • Prevent occupational environment risks the effects on the safety and health which in accordance with normative acts have provided special protection;
  • To perform instruction of employees and training in the field of labour protection;
  • In labour protection field cooperate with employees and trusted representatives
  • To ensure the working environment risk assessment in company;
  • Collect information about accidents which have taken place and near accident, occupational health and make the information analysis, evaluation and measures of reducing them.

Our values are united and professional collective. Ltd. "Riga Universal Terminal" cares for its employees, their understanding of in the quality and safety the service providing, raising the level of competence, improved occupational environment and job satisfaction.

Each of our employee understands his or her role of the company and is responsible for the result of teamwork. Integrated management systems requirements are obligatory for all division, which themselves applies and implements its work policies and procedures.

Vision: To become universal terminal, which offers our customer - good quality stevedoring.

Mission: To strengthen differentiation cargo flows service, building on the Latvian export and transit cargos.

Energy Management Policy

Effective energy management is one of the key guidelines for the company, the importance whereof has grown considerably over the period of recent years. Therefore, SIA Rīgas universālais termināls (RUT), by way of exerting due care for the energy-efficient use and consumption of energy, starting from 2017 shall implement the energy management system in accordance with the standard - Latvian State Standard LVS EN ISO 50001:2012. In line with this policy, the energy management shall play an important role, in supporting our plan on how to raise profitability, strengthen out competitiveness and ensure the highest quality services for our clients.

RUT shall have the following goals within this policy:

  • To ensure the determination of the goals and criteria for achieving the goals of energy management, as well as the availability of information and resources necessary for the achievement thereof;
  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of the laws and regulations and other external requirements, applicable in the field of energy efficiency, use of energy on the part of the organization, energy consumption and other aspects;
  • To reduce environmental impact associated with the use of energy, by proving to public and our business industry that RUT is committed to exert its best efforts to use energy in the most effective, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner;
  • To, as far as possible, raise energy efficiency, reduce operational costs and increase the shareholder value, through active and responsible management of the energy consumption;
  • To support acquisition of the energy-efficient products and services, as well as to ensure the necessary designing for improvement of the energy performance;
  • To promote the understanding and raise the level of knowledge of the employees and other involved parties regarding the importance of the energy management system in the company; 
  • To ensure the conformity of the energy performance indices to the needs of the organization, as well as the measuring and reporting of the results within the set intervals;
  • To take into account the improvements of the energy performance in the long run, as well as to constantly improve the energy performance of the organization, by carrying out regular revisions of the administration of the energy management system.

In order to achieve these objectives, RUT undertakes:

  • To ensure conformity to all energy management laws, regulations and practice codes within the existing technological and supporting processes, by planning and implementing the improvements in the activities of the company;
  • When carrying out the entrepreneurial activity, to apply the best experience and practice, aimed at reducing environmental impact and constant improvement of energy efficiency, to use the latest technologies, to facilitate staff training;
  • To improve the understanding of the employees and promote experience and knowledge exchange in the issues pertaining to the energy management system;
  • To determine the energy management goals and the criteria for the achievement thereof, to constantly follow the fulfilment of the goals;
  • To inform the public on the energy management policy of RUT, its goals and achievements;
  • To establish close cooperation with other corresponding structures of the RUT’s supply chain, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors regarding the common issues with respect to the energy-efficient energy management.

This policy shall refer to all structural units, employees and contractors of RUT, providing their services and ensuring our entrepreneurial activity.


Even as we are fully engaged in our business activities and taking care of our stakeholders (our customers, employees and shareholders), we try to play our part in corporate citizenship and embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR). For us, this means having a heart for the less fortunate in our society, and showing concerns for the fragile environment we are living in. Having business presence in many developing countries, particularly in the African continent, we certainly see much scope for us to be involved in various aspects of social responsibility. And as our Group grow, we believe that we can step up our involvement and make a bigger contribution in CSR in future. Following are some CSR activities we have been involved in from time to time.


Our company is earnestly conducting our business in a way that measures up to the trust and expectation of our stakeholders including shareholders, business associates and employees as well as consumers and local communities. Building a supply chain that promotes CSR is a team effort. We sincerely ask for our business partner's (partners) understanding and cooperation in complying with the Portek's Supply Chain CSR Policy. Our Supply Chain CSR Policy is identi cal to that adopted throughput Mitsui & Co.,Ltd

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